We believe we offer the best coffee in the world. But here’s what others have to say about it!

“Connecting with others over a good cup of coffee is a powerful tool to expand your business. You can create a relationship with them while they are enjoying the best coffee in the world.”

—Valerie Tridle Atwell


“It has helped me grow my business because it’s great coffee, easy to share and gives back! What’s not to love about that?”

—Nicole Bailey-Warren


“Just get the coffee samples and hand them out—it works!”

—Lany Sharp


“I was never a coffee drinker until I was introduced to the Youngevity coffee. I can’t do without it.”

—Karen Harmon


“The [Javalution] Coffee Club has been by far the BEST of all, getting the different coffees each month has been so much fun and always an OUTSTANDING presentation and flavor!”

—Christine Althouse


“My friends and colleagues love the coffee club and the idea that they also get to support the Youngevity Be The Change Foundation with their coffee purchases. It’s simply a win/win all the way around!”

—Kathy Nicholls


“We ONLY drink Youngevity coffee! Love knowing everything is organic, where it came from and that we’ve positively impacted the lives of those who live and work on our plantation and so many others through the Be The Change Foundation—just by drinking a cup of coffee!”

—Jill Miller McGrorty


“My husband drank the last of our Crème Brule coffee last night. It almost caused a fight! He’s already asking what we will get in the next club shipment.”

—Kim Dannenberg Wollenzein


“I use the coffee as a way to introduce the Be The Change Foundation at all of my events. It’s also a great add-on to any order…and it tastes fabulous.”

—Shelly Marshman Neal


“Keep and use the YGY coffee. Try different varieties and give it out as gifts or take it with you and make it at friends’ houses. Cross brand the coffee to your YGY service clients and agents.”

—Jennefer Lee Payne


“YGY Coffee is a wonderful way to start a conversation about what people like! That has then led us into conversations about other issues they have and a great way to introduce other YGY products! The Coffee Club is opening doors for me also as a great autoship item!”

—Jim Miller


“Why drink common coffee when you can experience a superior product…and get paid to drink and share it?”

—Malinda Cole Winn