January Spotlight: The American Red Cross

The relaxing ritual of preparing a fresh cup of coffee helps many of us start the day. For those affected by natural disasters and other crises, this small luxury can be more difficult to find. Whether it’s providing safe shelter, hot meals, or even a cup of coffee, the American Red Cross changes lives every single day. Donations allow the Red Cross to respond to almost 70,000 yearly crises around the nation. Millions depend upon the food, shelter, support, and other necessities that the Red Cross provides.

Youngevity is proud to be a supporter of the Red Cross through our Be The Change Foundation. Through our efforts, we are able to come to the aid with monetary donations in support of the hurting and those in need following disasters—in this country and across the globe. But this is only part of our mission to help.  We believe strongly in volunteering in the communities where we live and especially love that we are able to partner with our foundation charity family in helping to prevent tragedies before they occur. The American Red Cross’s National Fire Safety and Smoke Detector Campaign allowed us one such opportunity.

On three separate occasions in Chicago and in Oklahoma, in 2014, 2015, and 2016, Youngevity distributors and their teams partnered with local fire department and Red Cross volunteers to install smoke detectors in counties that are especially vulnerable. We also implemented fire safety emergency exit plans for hundreds of families who previously had neither working smoke detectors nor exit plans.  Giving to the communities involved time and effort and expanded the reach of the fire department and the Red Cross who told us that they have been able to document 96 saved lives (as of October 2016).  Thus, we truly were living the promise of our foundation to be the change that is needed. As an added benefit, this action of participation changed the givers as well.

In October 2016, The American Red Cross bestowed on Dave and Lisa “Sunshine” Briskie a Humanitarian Of The Year Award. Dave and Sunshine, the President and Director of the Foundation, accepted the award on behalf of the many distributors who participated in service to their communities and who also purchased the designated products that provided the funds our foundation is able to provide to our charitable partners.

The Youngevity Be The Change Foundation is proudly funded by the purchase of designated products, including the delicious coffee included in this Javalution Coffee Club.  We donate 100% of the profits derived by these sales to the Foundation which then disperses the funds to their family of charitable partners. The Youngevity Be The Change Foundation is a 100% volunteer run 501 c 3 organization and pays no salaries whatsoever. Thank you for your continued support!