February Foundation Spotlight: My Story Matters

From the place it’s grown to the place it’s brewed, our coffee has a story to tell. With Youngevity’s Be The Change Foundation, every story can have a life-changing impact on the lives of others. Proceeds from the sale of our coffees are donated to the Be The Change Foundation and distributed to a number of causes we support, including My Story Matters.

Founded by Youngevity Distributor Amy Chandler, My Story Matters is an amazing organization that creates customized, heartfelt storybooks to help inspire, heal, and uplift families experiencing difficult situations. Each story includes personal photos and is based upon a family’s unique perspective. Stories are written to help families record and reflect upon significant events in their lives.

Stories may fall in one of three categories: The Fighter Series, The Angel Series, and The Champion Series. The Fighter Series focuses on children fighting life-altering conditions. This powerful series emphasizes their courage and perseverance to lead amazing lives. The Angel Series honors the lives of children who have been lost, pays tribute to their memory, and provides comfort to their families. The Champion Series is dedicated to telling stories that embrace a variety of languages, ethnicities, religions, and socioeconomic circumstances. The Champion Series aims to help build a strong sense of community and to celebrate these unique qualities and experiences.

My Story Matters celebrates everyday heroes. With every story that they tell, the organization helps to spread hope, compassion, understanding, and empathy.

As a charity organization, My Story Matters benefits from its generous donors and volunteers, who provide the resources needed to give voices to these awe-inspiring stories. It’s impossible to not feel touched by the stories, whether you are helping to create them or the recipient of these books. It’s exactly the kind of personal involvement we strive to encourage through our foundation, and we’re so proud to support this spectacular organization and to help tell the stories of those who truly need to be heard.