What to pair with your Sumatra coffee

Coffee is often reduced to a morning jump-starter, but it really shouldn’t be. Like wine, coffee offers complex flavors and provides opportunities for interesting food pairings. Although it might seem like a daunting challenge, it’s actually pretty simple to pair coffees and food for a great culinary experience. Experts share an easy way to think about it: what’s on the plate enhances what’s in your cup and vice versa. Foods that taste good together likewise have flavors in common.

To begin, simply identify the main flavor notes in your coffee, and then look for foods and recipes that contain the same essential flavors. For example, the Javalution Sumatra coffee from Indonesia is full-bodied with low acidity. It has a sweet rustic flavor. The Sumatra French Vanilla coffee adds soft and buttery notes. With these flavors in mind, consider pairing your coffees with foods like:

Bread pudding

Banana bread or muffins

Apple pie


Buttery shortbread or cookies

Foods flavored with cinnamon or maple

Cheesecake with a coffee-infused chocolate ganache

Fortunately, the Sumatra French Vanilla coffee is so delicious that if you simply add a dollop of whipped cream, it’s like having a dessert all on its own! Enjoy experimenting with this month’s coffee and food flavor pairings.