The Maragogype Bean for November

The coffees for November use the Maragogype bean—a very special coffee for our inaugural launch of the Javalution Coffee Club. The Maragogype (“Margo”) bean was originally discovered in Brazil, but the beans featured in our coffee club for November are grown on our own plantation in Nicaragua. The Margo is grown very high up on the mountain (around 1500 feet), meaning all the work to care for and harvest this coffee is done by hand. What makes the Margo bean so visibly unique is its size. It’s often referred to as the “elephant bean” because it’s much larger than any other coffee bean in the world. The tree it grows on is unique as well. It’s much taller than a regular coffee plant, with much larger leaves, and conversely much lower yield per tree. This scarcity adds to the exclusivity of this very special bean.

The Margo bean is harvested and wet processed on our plantation and then dried, sorted, and quality controlled at our mill in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, giving us full control over quality. The flavor has a fruity freshness, but quickly envelopes your palate in a smooth and rich flavor with round acidity, and a full, velvety feel in the mouth. In addition to the regular Margo full bean coffee you’ve received is the ground coffee partner choice for this month—the Chocolate coffee. This flavored coffee is made from the same scarce Margo beans, which is virtually unheard of in the coffee industry. Most flavored coffees use an inexpensive, lower quality bean as the base, then add their flavorings. For our club, we’ve chosen to elevate the quality—and therefore the taste—of our flavored coffee by using the same exclusive beans as our featured single origin coffee. The taste of our Chocolate Maragogype coffee is warm and complex, with balanced, smooth sweetness, and perfectly decadent (with zero calories!) for all the upcoming holiday get-togethers.

We’re proud to share that our Margo coffee, as with all the coffees we offer, have received the highest certification achievable. This coffee is Triple Certified—meaning it’s Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Fair Trade – Fair Trade Certified products meet rigorous social, environmental and economic standards. This ensures fair prices and credit, fair labor conditions (including safe working conditions, sustainable wages, and no child or forced labor), direct trade, democratic and transparent organizations, community development and environmental sustainability.

Organic – Coffee produced without the use of artificial chemical substances, pesticides and herbicides.

Rainforest Aliance Certified – Awarded to farm, forest or tourism enterprise that has been audited to meet standards that require environmental, social and economic sustainability.