The Colombian Bean for March

Thank you for your membership with the Javalution Coffee Club! This month, you’ll enjoy the smooth, robust flavors of our Colombian Supremo coffee. As a member, this distinctive coffee is made exclusively available to you as whole roasted beans and also used as the base for our flavored ground coffee this month. We’ve taken our exquisite whole coffee beans and combined them with subtly sweet flavors to create our Colombian Supremo Crème Brûlée flavored ground coffee.

Bold, rich Colombian coffee is a morning staple. Enjoyed around the world, this delectable coffee is a favorite for many. Trademarks of classic Colombian coffee include warm caramel notes and a nutty undertone. We take pride in offering the best coffees from all over the world. As vibrant as the country where it’s grown, Colombian Supremo coffee is the highest grade of product available. The Javalution Colombian Supremo boasts a robust aroma, a smooth and rounded flavor, and a silky finish.

Many coffee producers cut costs by using lower quality beans to create flavored coffees, which results in coffee with a less-than-ideal flavor. Youngevity is different. Our Crème Brûlée flavored ground coffee uses the same top-notch Colombian Supremo beans as a base for its rich, creamy flavor. Like the luxurious French dessert that it’s named after, the natural caramel and nutty notes of the Colombian Supremo bean are the perfect match for the delicately sweet and toasted flavors of crème brûlée.

Whether you’re brewing a batch of whole bean or flavored ground coffee, our Colombian Supremo coffees pair beautifully with foods that complement their delicious flavors. Desserts and main dishes perfectly complement this coffee.

Our coffees are Fair Trade Certified and organic (FTO), making them a responsible choice for the environment and the communities that grow and process our products.