The Maragogype Coffees for June

Take one look at this month’s coffee beans and you could be convinced – Bigger just might be better.

Our Nicaraguan Maragogype beans are among the world’s largest coffee beans. Pronounced “mara-go-hee-peh,” or simply “margo,” these beans aren’t just gigantic – they’re delicious!

The Maragogype bean is a variation of the Arabica coffee bean. This type of coffee bean was originally discovered in the city for which it was named: Maragogipe, Brazil. It can thrive in other areas of the world. With its rich flavor, round acidity and full, velvety mouth feel, our luxurious Maragogype whole bean coffee lives up to its larger-than-life reputation. Our beans are grown in rich volcanic Nicaraguan soil at a high elevation, between 2,000 and 2,500 feet, which is ideal for their development.

Despite their size, this type of coffee yields a relatively small crop. This limited supply works in its favor – it’s thought that a lesser amount of coffee cherries grown on a plant produces a more concentrated flavor, which results in an extra-delicious cup of coffee.

We use the incredible flavor profile of the Maragogype coffee bean to make our French Vanilla flavored ground coffee. We grind the rare “elephant bean” and add a smooth vanilla flavor to create a complex coffee with a balanced sweetness.

You’ll love this full-flavored coffee as a morning or post-lunch pick-me-up, even as an after dinner treat! For more ways to enjoy your Maragogype coffee, visit to check out fun and delicious recipes.

As a member of the Javalution Coffee Club, you’ll enjoy these exclusive single origin coffees during the month of June. Your membership not only introduces you to new and exciting coffees, it changes lives around the world! One hundred percent of the proceeds from the coffee club are donated to Youngevity’s Be The Change Foundation. Donations benefit a number of charitable organizations: Make-A-Wish Foundation®, the Gesundheit Institute, and My Story Matters, among others.