The Nicaragua Bean for February

We appreciate your membership with the Javalution Coffee Club! One hundred percent of our proceeds from the coffee club are donated to our Be The Change Foundation. This month, you get to enjoy two amazing coffees: Nicaragua whole bean coffee and Nicaragua Chocolate Raspberry ground coffee.

Our exquisite Nicaraguan SHG (Strictly High Grown) coffee offers intoxicatingly sweet, floral aromas with subtle nutty hints. Growing these coffee beans at a higher altitude and lower temperature produces a denser bean that matures slowly, making it highly sought after. This delicious coffee is Fair Trade Certified and organic (FTO).

Creamy and smooth, our Nicaragua Chocolate Raspberry flavored ground coffee uses the same exclusive beans to create a deliciously complex brew. Featuring spicy, nutty notes, this coffee is perfectly balanced with a silky finish. This coffee is also Fair Trade Certified and organic.

Nicaragua is the largest country within the Central American republics. Nicaragua means, “here united with the water.” Dotted with lakes, lagoons, and volcanoes, Nicaragua’s unique terrain and climate create breathtaking views, beautiful landmarks, and of course, delicious coffee.

Coffee is one of Nicaragua’s chief export crops and is among the country’s most important products. The superb taste, aroma, and quality of our Nicaraguan coffee reflect our team’s attention to detail and passion for producing amazing coffee.

Nicaraguan coffee is primarily “shade grown,” meaning that the coffee plants are physically grown in the shade, thereby preserving the original trees and shrubs that share the area. In a time when deforestation is at an all-time high, shade grown coffee provides a distinctly environmentally friendly option. In addition, many coffee experts agree that shade grown coffee produces a less bitter, more delicious drink.

Our coffee from Nicaragua, as with all the coffees we offer, has received the highest certifications achievable. This coffee is Triple Certified — meaning it’s Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.