The Sumatra Bean for December

Thank you for your membership to the Javalution Coffee Club which supports the Be The Change Foundation! You now have access to some of the world’s most exclusive and amazing single country of origin coffee, and we contribute 100% of the proceeds to our foundation. For December, our Javalution Coffee Club members are receiving two very special coffees: Sumatra whole bean coffee and Sumatra French Vanilla ground coffee.

These special Sumatra coffees are grown in beautiful Indonesia. The world’s largest island country, Indonesia is an exotic tourist destination, home to pristine waters and beaches, live volcanos as well as volcanic craters, ancient Hindu temples and the equally ancient-looking Komodo dragons. This area of rich natural beauty is where our Javalution Sumatra coffee beans are grown.

The Sumatra coffee is unique because of its wet-hulled processing methods. In fact, most of the characteristics of the coffee come from the processing. The wet-hulling process extends the drying time for the beans and is unique to coffee produced in Indonesia. The naturally humid climate adds to the extended drying time and, most often, the beans are only fully dried when exported. This creates coffee beans that have fewer flavor notes but are typically full-bodied and have very low acidity. Our Javalution Sumatra whole bean coffee is roasted and quality controlled at our Roasting Facility in Miami, Florida. It has a smooth feel in the mouth, as well as a sweet earthy rustic flavor and of course, very low acidity. The flavored partner coffee for this month, French Vanilla, is made from the same full-bodied Sumatra beans, and the added flavor produces a soft and buttery taste and aroma, a perfect complement for the holiday season.

We’re proud to share that our Sumatra coffee, as with all the coffees we offer, has received the highest certifications achievable. This coffee is Certified Fair Trade and Organic and the best coffee available coming out of Indonesia.