It’s Quadrupal Certified

From the moment our coffee beans are planted until the moment  they reach your door, we go through great lengths to ensure you’re getting the best coffee in the world. To make that happen, our coffee is quadruple certified.

Hand-picked and Certified Organic

Our beans are grown on rich, chemical-free soil in the mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua, where they’re meticulously planted, cultivated, and picked by hand at the precise moment when the coffee cherries turn red.

From there, we remove the cherry skin using a wet process that produces green power in the middle of the rainforest. Once the skin has been removed, the beans are shipped to our processing plant, where they’ll dry in the warm Nicaraguan sun before they’re shipped to our certified roaster. By controlling the process from start to finish, we’re able to ensure you’re getting the world’s best cup of coffee.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Rainforest AllianaceThe Rainforest Alliance works with coffee farmers to improve the way they farm and ensure they’re receiving fair wages, healthy living and working conditions, and
access to education. The alliance also protects land, wildlife, and waterways.

Fair Trade Certified

Fair Trade CertifiedOur coffee beans are Fair Trade Certified. Fair Trade certification emphasizes the importance of communal, financial, and environmental standards to benefit communities and our planet. Some of these include creating safe working conditions, emboldening communities to form their own flourishing businesses, and encouraging them to use environmentally friendly practices. Products created with a Fair Trade certification provide the jobs and business skills needed for more than 1.2 million farming families across Latin America, Africa, and Asia to thrive.

Bird-friendly Certified

Bird FriendlyDeveloped by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, the Bird Friendly certification ensures that our coffees are certified organic and that the area’s indigenous shade trees are able to thrive. These shade trees provide habitats that are crucial to migratory birds and the area’s ecosystem, and they create an environment that’s perfect for exceptional “shade grown” coffee.