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Share Coffee. Do Good.

When we decided to go into the coffee market, we went in hard. Because Dave Briskie, our president, takes his morning coffee very seriously. He’s that guy who will explain how you should hold the warm cup in your hands – before ever taking a sip – and deeply breathe in the aroma to help open your senses and maximize the flavor experience. That guy. (And he’s not wrong. We’ve tried it.)

So when Youngevity went into coffee, we went all in. We wanted to control every step of the process. That’s why we have a coffee plantation in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. And we have a roaster in Miami.

We nurture seedlings. We plant, harvest, and dry beans by hand. We roast to our strict specifications and package ridiculously fresh coffee to ship around the world. We’ve very intentionally earned every certification there is to show that coffee experts agree with what we’re doing. And today, we’re confident claiming that we offer the best farm-to-cup coffee available.

Here’s the thing about our coffee though: We’ve tied it to our Youngevity Be The Change Foundation. When you sell this amazing coffee experience, 100 percent of the profits go to the foundation and the causes we support. Think about that. The world’s best coffee, doing a world of good.


Fresh Brew That Helps Others, Too

We make coffee that gives back. So with every every pot, every cup, every sip—you’re making a difference in the world. And now we’re making it easier to share, too. When you buy our Youngevity Be The Change coffee, you’ll get one free* to give away to a friend or family member!

Share coffee. Do good! Thanks for your support!

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