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We’re pleased to bring our Javalution Coffee Club members the most exclusive and wonderful coffees from around the world. Each month we’ll share a little bit about the coffee and its origin, helping you become a well-rounded coffee aficionado! Check back next month for more info about our featured single origin coffee.

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The Central American Beans for April

Thank you for your membership with the Javalution Coffee Club! This month, the bold, fresh flavors of our Central American Blend will reawaken your everyday coffee routine.

As a member of the Javalution Coffee Club, you’re receiving two exclusive selections: A bag of our superior whole roasted beans and a bag of our luscious flavored ground coffee. Enjoy the delicious taste of our Central American Blend, which features the perfect combination of spicy, silky notes. Our top-quality beans are then roasted and blended with velvety, rich hazelnut to create our Hazelnut Central American Blend ground coffee.

The Central American Blend marries the best beans from two incredible coffee-producing countries: Guatemala and Nicaragua.

The result? An effortlessly balanced coffee with piquant, yet smooth, elements and a well rounded, exuberant taste. Flavorful and indulgent, our Central American Blend hails from two countries that produce exquisite coffee. Separated by Honduras and El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala’s unique coffees benefit from fertile soils and warm tropical climates. These diverse environments lend themselves to the creation of exceptional coffees with distinct profiles.

Ideal for the morning, afternoon or evening, a cup of this robust coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Choose your favorite grind size and brewing method to make the perfect cup!

The flavor components of the Central American Blend are a wonderful match for the warm, nutty taste and aroma of rich hazelnuts. Our Hazelnut Central American Blend combines our Guatemalan and Nicaraguan whole beans with creamy, buttery hazelnuts to create a coffee that’s deeply satisfying and lightly sweet. Enjoy!

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